Stay in Our Comfortable Rooms

Parkway Inn sits at a tranquil piece of land along 2093 Dellwood Rd. It provides a home away from home for travelers with spacious spaces for comfortable living. Irrespective of the time you stay, you will love being with us. This quiet facility provides two types of rooms for guests. All its rooms are affordable, giving guests a chance to save money while in Waynesville.

King Room 

This room provides a suitable space for single travelers or couples as it contains one spacious bed with very comfy beddings and a mattress. The pillows are very fluffy with an exotic appeal. You will love spending time on this fantastic bed. The room has Flat screen cable televisions mounted on the wall that provides entertainment for guests. Below the TV is a cabinet that doubles up as a dressing table. That reveals the creativity of designers to maximize every space in the room. It also has two chairs and a table right at the window. Guests have enough room for their luggage because the room contains various storage spaces. Other unique amenities include AC, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker.

Queen Room 

The queen room is a suitable option for two travelers interested in cutting costs. It has enough space to accommodate two people with two spacious beds. The beds have comfy mattresses and beddings with fluffy pillows too. It has a mounted flat-screen TV at the center and a dressing table beneath it. On the side of the dressing tables are two comfortable chairs. Other extra amenities include a fridge, coffee maker, microwave, and an air conditioner. Every guest in this room will have access to a complimentary WI-FI connection too.

Queen Double

The queen double bed rooms are the rooms for a small family or any group needing separate beds. Two full-size beds are standard.

King Room with Hot Tub

Our hot tub rooms come standard with refrigerator and coffeemaker.


The feature that stands out in both rooms is the bathroom. They are not only clean, but the bathrooms also have every amenity you will need. Apart from the showers, they have a bathtub for extra comfort. They are also very spacious. Every guest will enjoy complimentary toiletries, a hairdryer, and hot water. Our guests can also get clean towels every day.

While staying with us, you will enjoy impeccable room service. We thrive in keeping the inn immaculate. Every morning, our highly trained staff will clean your room and change the beddings too. We understand that cleanliness has a significant effect on the guest’s health. To keep you safe, we are motivated to cleaning our environment. For more info regarding our rooms and service, feel free to contact us today.